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Victor "VERSE" Threatt is a Midwest African-American Conscious Rap Artist & Producer based in Chicago. His music contains life situations as well as personal that often connects with the majority. 

Verse was born Victor Everette Threatt Jr., and conceived on August 24, 1984 at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, IL. Growing up on the southside of Chicago, he had ambition and determination despite of the environment he was raised in.   With a sincere heart and quiet spirit, Verse always had a main influence.....Music. Before he knew his alphabets, he used to put tapes in the VCR and play cassettes of artist of the late 80's, which had an enormous influence on him then. By the age of 12, he started writing poetry based on his perspectives and grew to like the art of it but never took it seriously. Later on, he began to write rap verses and recited for the first time for a school project in english class his freshman year; they loved it. From that point on, he began to perfect his gift. Verse decided to attend college full time but after a couple of semesters, he realized that he cannot pursue his education and true dream due to grades, financial standards and numerous distractions. With that said, he continued his ambition with music. Verse became stronger with sincere punchlines and delivery, exposing the truth of hip hop and giving Verse the tools to reach the masses of today's consumers with the ability to write, produce, and minister through music. Therefore, Verse can and will be a major contribution to society.


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